Über Mich

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Creative problem solver, designer, strategist, code artist. I live to help you meet challenges via creative solutions. Together with a strong artistic background and years of experience, I can apply new perspectives to your projects. Since it’s impossible to know how to solve and tackle all challenges, I collaborate actively, across fields and disciplines—to share and learn.

Work Focus

Successful execution cannot come from one area, and requires a balanced focus. Due to the constancy of change, research and exploration are of equal importance to production and implementation.


Without solid technical skills, even brilliant concepts fall flat. And with the pace of change, remaining static is not an option. I combine continual active practice with regular training, both self-study and group-based.

Community Participation

Active involvement in the community is vital to remaining relevant and being able to produce at a high level. At the same time, I believe in the obligation of returning the favors others have given me by giving back.