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Code Highlighting with Prism in Drupal

Posted on 2019-03-31

If you find the need to display code snippets in your content, it's relatively easy in HTML5 to display this content as <code> elements. Beyond basic styling, though, usable code highlighting is often best accomplished with Javascript frameworks rather than CSS alone.

Among the better options is Prism.js, which in addition to being lightweight code-wise, gives a number of options on how you may wish to present code. Furthermore, if you need to remove it from your project at a later time, your underlying content won't be affected.

Setting up a Drupal 8 Local Build

Posted on 2019-02-11

Drupal underwent a sea change moving from 7 to 8. Although the stock administrative interface and site building concepts will look familiar to long-time users, much is different beneath the surface. This requires a different approach to site building and management for your Drupal projects.

Following are tips for standing up a Drupal 8 site locally for test and evaluation, as well as some guidelines for running a complete build. The code instructions are geared for Unix-based systems such as MacOS or Linux, but can be adapted for Windows.