Carriage Pointe at Aquia Panorama

Carriage Pointe Website Redesign

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Homepage-Desktop and Mobile

Carriage Pointe was in need of a Website redesign, as well as being mobile-friendly. The site was redesigned from the ground up, with new colors, typography, photograpy, and text. Planning for limited bandwidth requirements was key--and responsively served images (generated on the fly within the system) allow a image-heavy design while not overtaxing mobile devices. By planning mobile-first, and incorporating fluid layouts, the finished site delivers a high-quality experience to all device users.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Form Design-Desktop and Mobile

An often overlooked detail of many sites is form design, especially long-form layout. This can be a serious user experience (UX) design pain point, and requires careful design. To avoid overwhelming users, a graphical progess indicator shows their rate of completion.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Staff Administration Area-Desktop and Mobile

For site administration, there is a staff-only area displaying reports of users and form submissions, as well as the ability to post needed files and other resources for easy, yet secure access.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Mobile Displays

Mobile screens showing site navigation (open), Google Maps integration, and online payment using two methods.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Floorplan Display-Desktop and Mobile

To allow prospective residents to easily compare apartments, a sortable floorplan format was devised. Like the rest of the site, it is fully responsive.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Floorplan Redrawings

New custom floorplan redrawings were required to conform to design and branding guidelines, as well as display properly in all sizes. Vector artwork eliminates the need for responsively sized images and multipliers.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Custom Photography

Content is the most critical component of any Website, and imagery is vitally important for real estate sites. Here, post-renovation custom photography was done concurrently with site design and development.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Style Tile

Style tile highlighting major design patterns and elements for the site.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Style Tile

Solid design only comes with good planning. To ensure consistency, a fluid column grid layout was employed.

Carriage Pointe at Aquia Style Tile

Site architecture, showing user flows and layout patterns.